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Shifting Perspectives on Dementia Workshop

WORKSHOP: Shifting Our Perspective On Dementia Care
Every employee in a healthcare organization can enhance the care experience for patients and family.

Through interactive classes and follow-up coaching on-site at your care community, Kelsey Loushin and Jennifer Brush will help transform your organization’s thinking about dementia care and show staff how to bring meaning and purpose to the lives of older adults. This workshop introduces methods and provides tools to create a truly successful dementia program.

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Be a Provider of Choice

Learn Meaningful, Supportive Ways to Engage People with Dementia

Employees perform more effectively when organizations support their efforts. Likewise, people with dementia experience better health outcomes when they are engaged with staff through their care experience. By shifting your approach and behavior to be more supportive of and fully involve people with dementia and their families, you will see improved health outcomes and provide more beneficial care.

Think Positively for Positive Outcomes

We invite, encourage and challenge you to enhance your methods of person-centered care for people living with dementia. Through interactive classes and follow-up coaching on-site at your care community, we will help transform your organization's thinking about dementia care and show staff how to bring meaning and purpose to the lives of older adults.

Customized Consultation from a Leading Dementia Expert

Brush Development Company Director, Jennifer Brush will work with your elder care community to create a setting that is aligned with the residents' interests, abilities and strengths for optimal social, emotional, physical and cognitive support. She will help you step-by-step to create an environment that is carefully prepared to meet and nurture the desires and needs of each person, providing opportunities for choice and independence.

Jennifer will complete an environmental and programmatic assessment of your care community and provide your staff with education and monthly coaching tailored specifically to meet your community's needs. Your staff will develop new person-centered care skills that will lead to:

  • Keeping residents engaged in meaningful activities.
  • Identifying and focusing on the abilities of people with dementia.
  • Feeling empowered to effectively manage the daily challenges associated with dementia.
  • Experiencing more job satisfaction.
  • Being inspired to provide effective and meaningful quality care.
  • Using the physical environment to support functioning.
  • Implementing successful memory interventions.

By using the practical tools provided in our workshops, training and on-site coaching, your staff will find solutions to common challenges such as frequent agitation, boredom, resistance and confusion.


We are pleased that so many healthcare organizations are adopting our methods and creating real change toward evidence based dementia care. Here are some of the comments from our workshop attendees.

"Thank you for this important and useful information to use when helping people with dementia. I'd like to see your ideas implemented in the 3 nursing facilities in the rural area in which I live. Let the awakening begin!"

"I enjoyed Jennifer's perspective and very honoring approach to individuals with dementia in assessing the environment for THEIR needs and replacing their integrity. She opened my eyes to the multi-factors required to properly serve these individuals."

"Interesting and informative. There are so many variables that we usually don't even notice that can help/hinder nutrition of our patients! I will be using many of these simple, inexpensive techniques in the future."